Sermons on Sin

Sermons on Sin

Apex sermon series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Morality vs. Righteousness

Speaker: Jeff Badgero (HOPE Mission) 1 Corinthians 6:11 Matthew 5:20 What is morality? Just because it is legal, doesn’t make it moral in God’s eyes. What is the worst sin? Romans 3:10, 21-24 Romans 4:1-8 Luke 18:9-14 Ezekiel 14:12-14 Ezekiel 33 Acts 17:30
Beginnings Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Hope in the Fall

Genesis 3:1-15 1. The seduction of sin is subtle. 2. The subtlety of sin is significant. 3. The significance of sin is serious. 4. The seriousness of sin lies in its strength. 5. The stronghold of sin is overcome by the Savior. The seriousness of sin leads to the salvation of the Savior.
Easter Sunday

I am Yours

Acts 12:1-25 Sermon Big Idea:  James and Peter put their lives into the hands of Jesus.  One went to be with Him in eternity, the other was persecuted and then rescued.  Herod tried to take the title from Jesus and drank his own cup. Mark 1:19-20 Mark 3:17 Mark 10:35-39 Acts 12:1-5 1 Corinthians 15:55 James proclaimed the ultimate, “I am yours,” by placing his eternity in the hands of God. Acts 12:6-19 Acts 4:3 Acts 5:18-20 Luke 22:44 Peter’s How COVID has affected us
Hopeless Hopeful and THE Hope sermon series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Why All Seems Lost

Sermon Big Idea:  To reset the gospel, we must first understand why it is such good news.  The good news starts with understanding the bad news.  And the bad news is that sin leaves us hopeless. Genesis 3:22-24 Numbers 32:13 Hopeless people wander away from God. Judges 2:3 Judges 2:4-5 Hopeless people weep for God. 2 Kings 24:10-13 2 Kings 24:8-9 2 Kings 23:31-32 Hopeless people withdraw from God. Why? Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:1-2 The earnings of sin is death. How COVID has affected us

Jesus in Between

Jesus in between Sermon Scripture:  John 8:1-11Sermon Big Idea:  Jesus stands between us and death Suicide statistics: On average there are 132 suicides per day The rate of suicide is highest in middle-aged white men In 2018 there were 1.4 million suicide attempts During the COVID crisis, over 40% of Americans claimed to have one adverse mental or behavioral health condition. Second leading cause of death among 10-34 year olds 11% of 18-25 year olds have had suicidal thoughts Things How COVID has affected us
The Fight Within Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Who is your Army?

Job 2-31 Sermon Big Idea:  We need to surround ourselves with people who will speak truth in love. A good friend has your back His friends came to console him His friends came to wait in silence with him A good friend gives his/her ear His friends heard him out A good friend washes your feet His friends talked a lot but didn’t act much A good friend offers leadership His friends spoke from what they thought Notice you didn’t How COVID has affected us

The Other Tree in Eden

Genesis 3 The course of corruption started with confusion. (v. 1-4) The core of corruption is man’s desire for power. (v. 5-6) The consequence of corruption is death. (v. 7-21) The conclusion of corruption is Jesus. (v. 22-24) The other tree in Eden became forbidden to save Adam and Eve and all mankind from an eternal life of corruption.

A Party for the Paramedic

Luke 3 John said don’t collect more than told to, Luke 19 Zacchaeus admitted to taking more. Matthew 5; Luke 15, 18, 19 they were not to be people you associated with Jesus broke the quarantine tape and Matthew responded At Matthew’s invitation, Jesus walked into a contagious situation As Matthew hosted, Jesus sat comfortably with infectious people How to evangelize in contagious situations: Go in prayer – Luke 10 Go in twos – Luke 10 Go in love – How COVID has affected us
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