Why All Seems Lost

Why All Seems Lost

Sermon Big Idea:  To reset the gospel, we must first understand why it is such good news.  The good news starts with understanding the bad news.  And the bad news is that sin leaves us hopeless.

Genesis 3:22-24

Numbers 32:13

  1. Hopeless people wander away from God.

Judges 2:3

Judges 2:4-5

  1. Hopeless people weep for God.

2 Kings 24:10-13

2 Kings 24:8-9

2 Kings 23:31-32

  1. Hopeless people withdraw from God.


Romans 6:23, Ephesians 2:1-2

  1. The earnings of sin is death.

Ephesians 2:4-5

Genesis 3:21

The bad news is that sin leaves us hopeless.  The good news is that God doesn’t want us to stay that way.