Sermons on Resurrection

Sermons on Resurrection

The Great Cover Up Sermon Series from March 2024 at the Kalkaska Church of Christ

Easter Sunday – Uncovered

Sermon Series:  The Great Cover-Up Sermon Title:  Uncovered Speaker: Andy Bratton Big Idea:  Satan thought he covered up God’s plan by killing Jesus.  God covered up Satan’s plan, crushing his head in raising the dead. Luke 22:3-6; Psalm 55:12-14; Matthew 26:14-16; John 13:2; 12:4-7; 18:2-3; Luke 22:47-48 Matthew 26:1-5 Matthew 27:13-14,17-19,22-24,27-31 Matthew 4:1-11; John 19:28-30 1 Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5; Romans 5:8,10; Colossians 2:14; Romans 3:25; John 10:17-18 The greatest cover-up was God covering up death by uncovering the tomb. How COVID has affected us
Beyond Belief sermon series at Kalkaska Church Of Christ

The Importance of the Resurrection

Sermon Series: Beyond Belief Sermon Title: The Importance of the Resurrection Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:1-8; 12-19; Romans 6:1-8 Guest Speakers: Pastor Jackson Shetler reverend Josh Saxton Dr. Hunter Keasey If Jesus didn’t rise from the dead… 1. preaching is a waste of time 2. believing is useless 3. all those who share about Him are liars 4. neither will we be 5. our faith is worthless 6. we are still living in sin 7. we are the most pitiful humans on earth
Outside In Sermon Series from the Kalkaska Church of Christ

The Mind’s Eye

Sermon Series:  Outside InSermon Title:  The mind’s eyeSermon Scripture: Acts 1:9 Sermon Big Idea: Jesus’ ascension was the ultimate action.  And His ultimate action is to stir our ultimate reaction.  The key word is action. John 19:16-18 Luke 24:1-7 Having experienced the victorious Jesus, what’s next? There is a time for everything except doing nothing.
Hidden Hope Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

The Chairo of Ekkremamai

Luke 18:35-43 Luke 19:1-10 Luke 19:11-27 Luke 19:28-40 Luke 19:41-44 Luke 19:45-48 To have true wisdom we must ekkremamai the words of Jesus with chairo
Easter Sunday at Kalkaska Church of Christ

Heaven and Earth will pass away, but…

If we are convinced the Bible is true, then we must believe in the resurrection. Hebrews 4:12 2 Timothy 3:14-16 Psalm 119:105 Colossians 3:16 2 Peter 1:19 Luke 24:44 John 20:31 I believe the Bible to be true because of… The Bibliographical evidence The divine evidence The personal evidence Because I believe the Bible is true, I believe… Genesis 1:1, Genesis 3, John 3:16, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:9-10, Romans 5:8, Romans 6:1-4, John 20:1-18. I mostly believe the How COVID has affected us
Happy Easter

A Higher Love

Sermon Scripture:  Romans 5:1-10 Sermon Big Idea:  An even higher love than a son’s death is the Son’s life. When hardships come we discover faith (v, 1) John 20:8 – John saw and believed When hardships come we discover hope (v. 2-5) John 18 – Peter denies Jesus John 21 – Peter is welcomed back and charged by Jesus Acts 2,3 – Peter boldly preaches the Gospel When hardships come we discover love (v. 6-8) Luke 23:39-43 – The thief How COVID has affected us
Life in three words at Kalkaska Church of Christ

He is Risen

John 20:1-10 Peter and John saw and believed. John 20:11-18 Mary Magdalene said, “I have seen.” John 20:19-23 The Disciples, “saw the Lord.” John 20:24-29 Thomas said, “Unless I see.” John 20:30-31 John wrote these words “…so that you…”

From Birth to Life

The virgin birth further blinds those who already can’t see. Jesus’ life and ministry isn’t disputed, his identity is. Jesus’ death isn’t disputed, the effect is. The victory of the cross was the resurrection of the Christ.   Jesus’ resurrection is disputed, but the effect isn’t.
Making a Murder

The Appearance

Mark 15:42-16:14 The appearance of the crucifixion is that the story of Jesus’ life was over. The appearance of an empty tomb meant one of three things: Jesus never died Someone stole the body Jesus was resurrected The appearance is that there was only one murder that week. Live your life in the joy of knowing you experienced your own resurrection!