Sermons on peace

Sermons on peace

God and Politics Sermon Series

A Hillbilly’s Guide to Politics

Sermon Scripture:  Exodus 18 Sermon Big Idea:  When we put God’s will first, the result is peace Moses gave God credit (v. 1-9) Moses and Jethro praised and worshiped God (v. 10-12) Moses settled disputes according to God’s decrees (v. 13-16) Jethro had a more comprehensive plan (v. 17-27) Keep taking disputes to God (v. 19-20) Select leaders (v. 21-23) Capable Honest Fear God Hate bribes Break into smaller groups (v. 21-23) And the result was PEACE
Grace is Still Amazing

The Calm During the Storm

Sermon Scripture:  Romans 5 There is peace in justification. (v.1-5) Paul’s life  Peace in suffering (2 cor 11:24-26, Philippians 1:21) Peace because of the Holy Spirit There is peace when we are loved. (v.6-11) Two women who met Jeus (John 4:13; 8:10-11) While we were still weak sinners Christ died for us Saved from experiencing God’s wrath There is peace in overcoming. (v.12-17) The prodigal son (Luke 15:19) Man’s sin was a huge obstacle A costly free gift There is How COVID has affected us
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Psalm 46 God is still our proven help. (v. 1-3) God still sits on His throne. (v. 4-7) Be still and know that He is GOD! (v. 8-11) The world around you may feel like it is crumbling apart, but take hope in the proven power of our almighty God.
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A Double Edged Sword

Matthew 5:9-12 Philippians 4:6-7 Jesus asks us to have a peace that surpasses human understanding. Jesus asks us to endure persecution like the prophets. With both, He promises us adoption. John 12:1-8 Mary chose perfume over picketing. Mary was chastised not cheered. Matthew 26:13 Mary was memorialized by her maker. John 18:4-12 Peter chose a sword over sonship. Peter was chastised not cheered. Peter thought he was protecting the Prince of Peace.  Mary was protecting a promise. Jesus asks us How COVID has affected us

So What?

We finish our Tough Questions series with a modern walkthrough of the entire Bible. We can bring all our tough questions to God but ultimately He is in control. He is the only who can fully sustain us with hope, peace, and joy.

Life is 1000 pieces – Remember the most important peace

We need to get along, because the world is watching. V. 2-3 As adults who are in Christ, is there anything we can’t get past? Sometimes a third party helps. Those outside of Christ look in to see if they fit. We need to rejoice in the Lord, because the world is watching. V. 4-7 Rejoice always Be reasonable Don’t be anxious Pray God will reward you by guarding your heart and mind We need to think about the good How COVID has affected us