A Hillbilly’s Guide to Politics

A Hillbilly’s Guide to Politics

Sermon Scripture:  Exodus 18

Sermon Big Idea:  When we put God’s will first, the result is peace

  1. Moses gave God credit (v. 1-9)
  2. Moses and Jethro praised and worshiped God (v. 10-12)
  3. Moses settled disputes according to God’s decrees (v. 13-16)
  4. Jethro had a more comprehensive plan (v. 17-27)
    1. Keep taking disputes to God (v. 19-20)
    2. Select leaders (v. 21-23)
      1. Capable
      2. Honest
      3. Fear God
      4. Hate bribes
    3. Break into smaller groups (v. 21-23)

And the result was PEACE