KCc Welcomes James Trumble as Elder

KCc Welcomes James Trumble as Elder

In a momentous decision on January 21, 2024, the Kalkaska Church of Christ approved the selection of James Trumble to the KCC board of Elders. This appointment marks a significant chapter in the life of a man whose journey of faith has been deeply intertwined with a passion for spreading the gospel and a commitment to living a life set apart for God’s glory.

James Trumble

As someone who grew up in a Christian household, James Trumble reflects on his early years with a profound sense of faith that has been a constant companion throughout his life. He recalls, “I don’t remember not being a believer. The gospel was real to me as long as I can remember, and as a child, I wanted to share it with everyone I met.” This early desire to share the transformative message of Christ laid the foundation for a life dedicated to serving the Lord.

However, Trumble acknowledges that his journey was not without its challenges. There were times when he strayed from the path and sought to live life on his own terms. Yet, through it all, he experienced the patient and gracious nature of God. He reflects on the Lord’s discipline and sharpening, recognizing the continuous work of sanctification in his life—a process of becoming more like Christ and being set apart for God’s glory and purpose.

KCC Elders lay hands on James and Andria Trumble at 2024 Annual Meeting

“Ultimately, what I have come to realize and focus my life on is there is so much more to being a follower of Christ than simply ‘accepting’ Him. That is the beginning, not the end,” Trumble shares. This profound realization underscores the depth of his faith and the understanding that accepting Christ is merely the initiation of a lifelong journey of transformation.

For James Trumble, the pivotal moment of being appointed to the board of Elders is not just a personal achievement but a testament to his unwavering commitment to diligently seek first God’s kingdom. His life’s purpose, he emphasizes, is to spread hope in this fallen world—a hope that finds its essence in Jesus Christ and His kingdom.