Introducing the DINO Squad

Introducing the DINO Squad

DINO Squad

Looking for a way to plug in? There is a new squad at KCC. It’s called the DINO squad. DINO stands for Developing Intergenerational Nurturing Opportunities.

The DINO Squad is open to anyone, of any age. Our objective is to go out into the community and visit those who aren’t able to get out, feel a little lonely, or could benefit from smiling faces.

We will do visits one Monday a month to begin with but visiting times are NOT limited to Mondays. We hope to see this take off and people will develop their own relationships and choose their own times to visit.

Here is how you can get involved. Join our squad or let us know of someone who could use a visit!

Sign up to go visit someone or let us know about someone who could use a visit.

If you know of someone who would like a visit but is not internet savvy, call the church office.

We will notify people prior to visiting. Let’s join together and bust up the loneliness in our community!