Do you have good armrests? You may be thinking…in my car? In a movie theater? On my recliner? I’m referring to some Moses armrests. 

Moses’ armrests

In Exodus, Moses was dealing with some grumpy Israelites. They were thirsty. So he took them to find water, but while trying to get water they were attacked by the Amalekites. Moses sent Joshua to lead the Israelites into battle and remained on a hill with his staff in his hands, praying and crying out to God. He took his brother Aaron and a man named Hur with him. They realized that when Moses had his arms raised, they were winning the battle. But when he would lower them they would begin to lose. So Aaron and Hur were determined to support Moses. They held his arms up for him when he grew weary. 

WOW. How great is that! To have people that you know you can count on? People that hold your arms up when you are tired from battle?

I recently went through something where I was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. And one of my “Armrests” showed up in full force. She did everything I wanted to do but was too tired. She restored my peace. She took my burden. I hope that you all not only have good armrests but ARE good armrests for others…because nobody can do it all alone. We need to depend on God and our armrests.