Don’t Judge Someone Else’s Journey

Don’t Judge Someone Else’s Journey

Matthew 11:28B
It is so hard sometimes to not be judgmental. We may look at someone else’s choices and wonder why on earth they would do what they do. The truth is we have not walked in their shoes. Even if we have had the same experience, it will be different from person to person.  

A few days ago I hiked with my sister on the north country trail. We hiked around 50 miles total last year and I really enjoyed it. My hike a few days ago had me questioning if I really did like to hike. We went out with the plan to hike 14 miles. I think the plan was 10 and then we thought, maybe we will just knock off a few more. Let me tell you, I did NOT enjoy that section of the trail. It was buggy, it was hot, there were a TON of elevation changes, I was way out of shape, had on the wrong shoes, and to make matters worse I started having a lot of heel pain and then some major foot cramps. I was so disappointed to have to call and get picked up 4 miles before my plan. I went home feeling discouraged and really questioning if I would hike again with her, even though it is something that I LOVED last summer.  

Life is kind of like that. You go through rough patches. When you do go through those rough patches it’s ok to take a break. Rest. Find peace. Don’t give up! Yesterday I did just that. I took it easy. I had a long meeting and was not walking around a bunch. This morning I felt renewed. I felt hopeful. I called my sister and we went on a hike. It was one of the best hikes I’ve ever had! We went 6 miles and I probably could have kept going. It was beautiful and I’m so glad that I didn’t miss out on that time in nature with God and my sister.  

We talked about how you can’t just say that a certain mile hike is the same as any other hike of the same distance. Each section is different. And each day that section is different from another day. Today was a beautiful day on the trail, but someone could do that same section tomorrow in the rain and have a horrible experience. Let’s remember that when we go to judge someone else’s choices in life. They may not have had the same support system as you. They may not know Jesus like you do. They may be feeling lost and discouraged. Remember to love them and encourage them and not make them feel judged. And remember that tomorrow is a new day! And that rest is important in order to feel renewed!