A Real Page Turner

A Real Page Turner

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It is that time of year once again. Later this month our high school seniors will be walking across the stage and receiving their diplomas and heading off into the world. Some will go to work, some will go to college, some will go to the military, and some will go to trade school. Some, I hope not many or any will choose to do nothing.

Next chapters are exciting. Sometimes next chapters are stressful and we get a little anxious about the unknown. However, for those who have experienced next chapters, we are excited for those who are now getting to experience them.

A mistake I think we all make is thinking that, at some point, our next chapters stop. Some think it is high school graduation is the last chapter, some believe college graduation and the first job upon graduation is the last chapter, and still, some believe it is buying the first house and being settled away from mom and dad. However, next chapters keep coming.

In the Old Testament, there was a next chapter after creation. There was a next chapter when man’s heart became terribly sinful. There was a next chapter after the flood. There was a next chapter after Abram was called. There was a next chapter for Israel after the Exodus. And on and on it went and continues to go today.

What is your next chapter? (you knew that question was coming) Our mission is, “…helping people journey with Jesus.” What is the next chapter of your journey? Is it opening up the Bible? Is it being in a small group or what we call a discipleship environment? Is it showing compassion because you, like me, are cynical about everyone’s needy story? Or is your next chapter finding a place to serve at church?

Maybe your next chapter is much deeper, such as saying “no” to another drink, or “no” to drugs, or being calm when you normally let your anger get the best of you. Maybe your next chapter is being more kind and romantic toward your spouse. Maybe your next chapter is spending more quality time with your kids.

The important piece is realizing that until our days in this world are over, there is always another page to turn toward the end of the book. Let’s not grow complacent. Let’s not become stagnant. Let’s turn the page on our Spiritual life to dive deeper into the story of God working through us for His glory, honor, and pleasure.