Apps for Spiritual Growth

Apps for Spiritual Growth

  • Bible app – Without a doubt, my go-to Bible app is the Bible by Life.Church. Bobby Gruenewald and his team had the brilliant idea of putting the Bible out free of charge in a digital format in July 2008. Today the app features 2,062 Bible versions in 1,372 languages including audio Bibles and over 800 Bible plans to encourage daily Bible reading. The Kalkaska Church of Christ uses Events in the Bible app each week to share sermon notes, announcements, and much more. Get the Bible app for iPhone or Android or online
  • Church Center – My choice for connecting with my home church is the Church Center app from Planning Center Online. Church Center connects me with everything my church does from events, giving, pictorial directory, calendar, and children’s check-in. Get Church Center for iPhone or Android or online
  • Praying App – While you can keep track or prayer requests and even share them in the Bible app, I still enjoy using Echo to keep track of people I am praying for. Echo reminds me to pray, keeps track of my prayer requests, and allows me to share requests with other people Get Echo for iPhone or Android
  • Sermons – Feed yourself spiritually by listening to messages online from various pastors. You can use a Podcasting app like Podcastsfrom Apple, Spotify, or Overcast, but I prefer to just listen directly from the preacher’s home church app. 

Here are some of my favorite speakers and their churches.