Happy Birthday Jesus

Happy Birthday Jesus

It’s almost my best friend’s birthday!!! I’m so excited to celebrate! Of course, I’m referring to my bestie Jesus! I like to look at Christmas as more of a birthday party for him so that I remember WHY we are celebrating. It can get a little too reindeer, green tree, shopping, lights, and movies for me. 

Don’t get me wrong…I like all of those things too…I just don’t LOVE them. Not even close to how much I love Jesus! So I don’t generally get too worked up about those things. Until I do. When I sit here and reflect on the last month, I’m not happy about the time I spent on the stress of all of the “things.” 

I have adult children that don’t NEED anything but I buzzed around in the last week, trying to fill some imaginary quota of presents…I’m laughing because last night my youngest reminded me that they are fine. There is enough under the tree. Almost like he was giving me permission to REST. And I needed that. The truth is that our kids know we love them. And YOUR family knows you love them. No amount of wrapping paper will change that. 

The best gift my parents gave me was the knowledge that THEY loved Jesus and that He came to this earth for me! And you! And EVERYONE! 

Please enjoy Christmas this year…but take time to celebrate His birth, and His life, and His legacy.