We are beginning a sermon series entitled influencers. When I hear the word influencers I think of trend setters, people that society looks at to know what is the latest and greatest gadget etc. If I find a product I love, I shout it’s praises to the rooftops. If I eat at a delicious restaurant I give them a great review. If you think about it, we are all influencers to those around us…but what are we telling them about?

I have a bleacher chair that is AMAZING! I got it about 5 years ago and people would stop me at basketball games all the time asking me about it. I would stop and look up the website and show them how much it cost. They knew to ask me about it because I was carrying it and sitting it. It was part of me. 

I’m embarrassed to say that more strangers have asked me about that bleacher chair than about Jesus. People that know me may ask me anout Jesus, but perfect strangers aren’t running up to me and asking me….and perhaps that’s because I don’t always have him on display. 

I refused to walk in to a gym without that precious bleacher chair, and although I always have Jesus with me, sometimes he’s not on display. Jesus should always be what I put on display. Strangers should stop me and ask why I do kind things or why I’m happy. I’m not saying this never happens, but we should all stive to live our lives so that we are stopped multiple times a day asking where we got that! 

Be an influencer to those around you! Be a light that people can’t ignore, and draw close to those that share Jesus with others, so that you can learn by their example!