Donations to KCC

Donations to KCC

A question came up recently regarding giving to the church,

“Sunday, Andy mentioned one of the online tithing methods was fee free to KCC. Which way is that? I want to make sure the way I do it is fee-free if possible.”

Our response:

Well, he was close to accurate. The way to give he mentioned is using ACH (i.e. connected bank account like checking). It isn’t free but it is only .25 each transaction. There is no percentage fee. That’s cheaper than mailing in a check because postage is more! 

The free way would be to get that money, cash or check, to the KCC office and into the safe. You could do this by giving to a staff person or Elder from the church to deliver for you. See the Staff and Elder’s page for contact info.

The most expensive way to donate to the church is using a Debit or Credit Card. There is a 2.15% fee + .30 per donation. Now, we have an option for the donor to add to their donation and cover that fee, and many do that.
In summary:

  • 2.15% + $0.30/donation for credit and debit card donations
  • 0% + $0.25 per ACH bank transfer donation

Hope that helps clear it up.