Stay in Your Lane

Stay in Your Lane

by Sara Blasko

I have a goofy sense of humor. Like seriously goofy. Some of the things in life that I find hilarious are when my GPS tells me “you have arrived”.  I always smile and say “thank you!” like I have accomplished some great milestone in life.

Driving around in northern Michigan in the summer you can’t help but notice all of the road construction. It is a blessing and a curse. We need the roads to be repaired, but we also want to get to where we are going in the beautiful weather quickly.

One of my favorite signs during this recent road construction is “STAY IN YOUR LANE.” This is something that I sometimes struggle with…Not driving, but in life. Staying in my lane, or minding my own business is a difficult task for me. I think as the oldest child, I have a very black and white view of right and wrong. And I hate to see someone endure an injustice…but I need to stay in my lane. God did not put me on earth to fight everyone else’s battles.

This is my personal goal for this year… to stay in my lane. A couple of weeks ago, we met for Titus 2 and the tables were decorated beautifully. Anita and Nanette did an amazing job creating a beach scene at every table. And each table had rocks displayed on it with different words or phrases. I grabbed one that said “Be Still.”

Ironically, that very night while scrolling through Facebook land I came across some controversy (Shocking I know!). I was passionately telling my husband about it and he in a roundabout way told me to stay in my lane. The next day one of my friends called me and asked me what I thought of that situation. I took a deep breath and told her that I was going to be still. This situation had nothing to do with me. It wasn’t my battle to fight and it wasn’t my circus or my monkeys. Did I have an opinion about it? YES. Did I need to express my opinion about it…NO! I for one of the first times in my life chose to BE STILL. I prayed about it and moved on with my day.

Later on that day, the issue had been resolved! Can you believe that something good came out of a bad situation and I didn’t have to be in the middle of it? LOL! That was such a good lesson for me. I will be working on staying in my lane this year.  If you see me start to drift toward your lane don’t be afraid to (gently and with love) beep your horn at me as a reminder.