Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes

Frozen Pipes
By Sara Blasko, Children’s Ministry Director
With the cold weather in the winter months, comes many challenges for us Northern Michigan dwellers. Icy roads, lack of sunshine and freezing temperatures. One of the side effects of these freezing temperatures is frozen pipes. Pipes freeze when the temperature is too cold, and if you’ve ever had it happen to you, you know the signs.
You turn on your faucet expecting to see the water pour out as usual, and it starts to hesitate and then you get a slow trickle and it’s gone!
I happen to have a lot of insider information on frozen pipes because, not only has it happened to me, but my husband is in charge of the department of public works in Kalkaska. And that means lots of frozen pipe calls. The calls almost always start coming early in the morning. The pipes are in a stagnant phase at night while people are sleeping and when they wake up and need water it isn’t there. So my husband or someone from his crew goes out and lays on the frozen ground and begins thawing their pipes that sometimes takes hours!
This is not an easy process. It’s cold, it’s uncomfortable and it’s time consuming. It would be much easier if some preventative measures were taken so their pipes wouldn’t freeze.
Frozen pipes are a lot like our relationship with God. We go through stagnant phases where we don’t take care of our relationship. We walk away from God. We “go to sleep” on our Christianity. Then we wake up and go to the faucet when we NEED God and we can’t find him. Brothers and sisters! God is not gone. He is there! Just like the water is still in the pipes. We need to nurture our relationship with God.
Ask any preacher or counselor and they will tell you when people come to them in crisis, it would have been so much easier if a person had taken care of their relationship with God then to let it go stagnant. They wouldn’t have to lay on the frozen ground with you and help you thaw out the relationship with God.
Some ways to prevent frozen pipes are to leave your meter pit insulated, or covered in snow. Some ways to care for your relationship with God is to insulate it, cover it in prayer, fellowship, and reading God’s word. Another thing water departments will tell you when its really cold is to leave a stream of water flowing from your faucet. When you are in a time of crisis make sure that you have good things flowing from you! Praise God, when others might curse him!

Stay warm this winter and make sure that you nurture and insulate your relationship with God.