Youth Ministry Update

Youth Ministry Update

Dear Church Family,

We wanted to write in order to share some news with you that will affect our ministry here at KCC. Jody Terrell, our Youth Minister, has resigned his position. Jody has served as the Youth Minister at KCC since 2011. He and his wife Megan have been an integral part of our ministry at KCC, not just in serving the youth, but in leading a Life Group, being involved in the worship ministry, and participating in various activities of the church.

Jody Terrell Family
Jody, Megan, Jude, & Jeb

The good news is that Jody and Megan will not be leaving the church and will continue to lead their Life Group as well as participate in various volunteer roles. Their love for the church and for people to know Jesus is great and they do not want to see their impact diminish in their career change.

What this means for KCC is that we will start a search immediately for a new Youth Minister. As of June 1st, the staff (and hopefully volunteers) will pick up the summer programming including church camp, CIY, and the Middle and Senior High weekly youth group.

We ask that you pray for Jody and Megan as they start a new journey and that you pray for our youth as we continue to walk alongside them as they grow in their relationship with Jesus. Pray for the leadership as we conduct a search for a new Youth Minister, and finally, pray about what your involvement might be as we move forward. If you have any questions, you are welcome to direct them to Andy or the Elders and we will be happy to assist you.

For His glory, The Elders of Kalkaska Church of Christ