The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Seen!

The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Seen!

We had the privilege to worship with our brothers and sisters in Gonaives yesterday. What a blessing!
The church had ordained two Evangelists, 5 Deacons and selected a worship leader. One of the evangelists was brother Mecal who was busy preaching at Pointe Gadin.  The other Evangelist was brother Canas. Canas said he became a Christian 30 years ago and was now 46 yrs old. He introduced us to 3 people that he was  discipling.
Many old friends were there that we have known for 30 yrs and are still faithful.  One of my special friends, who I credit for the best sermon I have ever seen in my life, is sister Elmenah.
Many years ago brother Jacque was preaching and an old man crawled in and laid down in the back on the dirt. Sister Elmenah got up and left. 20 minutes later she was back with a bowl of soup. She knelt beside the old man and spoon feed him. What a servant!
After church services were over, we walked to brother Canas’ house. They wanted to show us that they were building on to their humble home. They now have a 10 x 20 house and were very thrilled even though there was no roof on half of it yet.
We visited Jacque and Angela on Saturday. Jacque is 70 years old and Angela is 65.  She still struggles with high blood pressure.
We met with Blandine, Phito and Latrishakar yesterday. Phito and Latrishakar were the two students from the Gonaives area who attended the medical training in St. MARC last October.  They have made 27 visits in the country and 2 up in the mountains. We took Blandine to the pharmacy today to help her get meds to replenish their medical kits. We will return to Cap Haitian tonight.
In His service, Jeff and Carol Badgero
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