The Original Model is still the Best

The Original Model is still the Best

  1. Jesus 1.0 is still the best version to utilize.  (Proverbs 27:17)
  2. Jesus 1.0 taught us to glorify God and live as a light.  (Matthew 5:14-16)
  3. Jesus 1.0 spent time with committed and hope seeking people (Matthew 9:10-13)
  4. Jesus 1.0 shared a lot of meals.  (Matthew 26:26-28)
  5. Jesus 1.0 modeled and taught prayer.  (Matthew 6:5-13; Matthew 26:36,39)
  6. Church 1.0 grew using the original model.  (Acts 2:42)

Read, Risk, Remember, Release:  Repeat

This week’s 3:30 Journey Challenge
The Spiritual Discipline of Discipleship and Accountability
One day take a :30 walk with someone from church.
One day pray about what you need someone to hold you accountable to and write down what those things are.
One day pray about who God will have you be in a discipleship relationship with and then set up your first appointment.