Set Apart by a Snake

Set Apart by a Snake

Sermon Big Idea: We have people in our lives we look to for rescue, but only one we look to can bring salvation and it’s Jesus.

  1. God’s divine appointment of Moses
  1. God’s Miraculous Rescue of Israel
  1. God’s training through a journey
    1. Bread, water
    2. Grumbling and mutiny
    3. Lessons

Deuteronomy 18:15-18

  1. God’s promise fulfilled in Jesus
  2. A snake is the difference
    1. Bronze a symbol of sin
    2. serpent=evil, bronze=judgment, bronze snake is evil judged 

We’ve been called or appointed, miraculously rescued, and are being trained in righteousness.  Our response can be to grumble, complain, reject, make excuses, or look to Jesus.