Be “Awe”struck

Be “Awe”struck

Sermon Scripture:  Luke 11:1-4

Sermon Big Idea:  To have a healthy prayer life, we need to find our fear in the one who can answer once again.  And when we discover who He is, address Him for who He is.

Luke 11:1-4

Exodus 20:18-20

Jonah 1:16

Luke 5:26

Luke 7:15-16

Luke 8:25

Luke 8:37

Acts 5:5,11

Acts 2:42-43

Find our Phobos

To find our Phobos:

  • Move
  • Allow
  • Read
  • Victories
  • Evangelize
  • Love

Psalm 22:23

Psalm 33:8-9

When we find our phobos, we will address God in prayer for who He truly is and what He is truly capable of.