It Starts With a Seed

It Starts With a Seed

Matthew 6:19-34

Material things will pass away. (v. 19)

    1. Things wear out
    2. Things fall out
    3. Things are left out

Matthew 6:20

Heavenly things will be remembered.  (v. 20)

    1. Good works are observed
    2. Good works are rewarded

Matthew 6:21

Your heart follows what you treasure.  (v. 21)

    1. It is good for food
    2. It is a delight to the eyes
    3. It is desired to make one wise

Matthew 6:22-23

The eyes are the window to the soul.  (v. 22-23)

    1. What you see is what you want
    2. What you want is what you chase
    3. What you chase has a finish line

Matthew 6:24

The God will not share space in your heart with a god.  (v. 24)

    1. A landlord has one tenant
    2. For eviction you have to go to court

Why shouldn’t I worry?

Because you have value  to God

How do I keep from worrying?

Seek first the Kingdom of God

Matthew 6:25-34

Give God your firsts, and He will take care of your seconds.  (v. 25-34)

If we do the job God put us in our “garden” to do and don’t pursue the forbidden fruit as god, He will take care of our life.