For the Directionally Challenged

For the Directionally Challenged

Some things to know about heading for Heaven

  1. Travel light
    1. Drop the baggage of the past – Psalm 103:12
    2. Pick up the yoke of Jesus – Matthew 11:29
  2. You won’t always know the route
    1. If the route includes love, stay on it – John 13:35
    2. If the route makes much of Jesus, stay on it – John 3:30
  3. Steer away from distractions
    1. No other destination offers as much – Matthew 7:13
    2. Not all off ramps let you back on the freeway
  4. Relaxation awaits
    1. And you never have to return
    2. And the stay will be better than any vacation you ever had
  5. Trust the navigator
    1. His power is great
      1. All things are subject to him
    2. He won’t steer you wrong – Hebrews 4:15