Biblical Marriage

Biblical Marriage

Ephesians 5:22-33

Biblical Marriage is for ________ – filled people.

Biblical Marriage is a __________ and not a contract.

Biblical Marriage is  _____________.

Marriage Tips

  1. Listen / communicate more than you talk
    1. Don’t think about what you’re going to say while the other person is talking.
    2. Respond with “Is this what you said?” and allow clarification.
    3. Don’t check your phone when you’re listening. Voice mail for a reason.
  2. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.
  3. God is more desirable of your Holiness than your happiness
  4. It’s not about you.
  5. Give 100% – not taking turns, not half/half – but All in
  6. Be best friends 2 are better than one – cultivate it prob. 18:25
  7. Act silly prov 5:18. Have fun together.
  8. Read your bible together
  9. Pray together 1 thes 5:16-18