Celebration! This weekend our country celebrates the declaration of independence from Britain in July 4, 1776. In addition to our freedom, we have much to celebrate as Americans. What do we have to celebrate as Christians? Let’s take a quick look at scripture. There are Biblical reasons for celebration.

Celebrate when others celebrate

Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” Celebrate when good things happen to your neighbors, family, and friends. Lift them up with encouraging words. Give them a gift. Throw a party! Just celebrate with others who have found a reason to celebrate. 

Celebrate over a sinner who repents

Have you ever lost anything valuable? Maybe you misplaced your cell phone. You searched the house, the car, everywhere. You had someone call it. Finally, you located it. Remember, how good that felt? 

There is a parable in Luke 15 about a woman who lost one silver coin – probably equal to a day’s wage. In today’s economy, perhaps the silver coin would be worth $200-$300. Jesus says she lights a lamp, sweeps her house and searches until she finds it. Upon locating the lost coin, she calls together her friends and neighbors, and exclaims, “Rejoice with me! For I have found my lost coin!” 

Jesus uses the illustration to say there is more joy in the presence of God’s angels over just one sinner who repents. There is celebration! 

Celebrate that your name is written in Heaven

In Luke 10 Jesus sends out 72 disciples to spread the Gospel to the surrounding areas. They are successful as people listen to them and respond to the message. They also do amazing wonders and miracles. On returning to Jesus, they exclaim, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your Name!”

Jesus shares with his followers that indeed we do have victory over Satan and his angels, but a more important reason to celebrate is that your names are written in the Book of Heaven. Imagine the fireworks, the food, the music when we arrive in heaven to celebrate our eternal home free of virus’, natural disasters, disease, pain, suffering, and death! Now, that is something to celebrate!

As you celebrate this 4th of July, be thankful for God’s blessings inherit in this country, but remember the greater reasons to celebrate found in scripture. The celebration with Jesus in heaven will never end!