What do I do if My Candidate Loses?

What do I do if My Candidate Loses?

We might think we know how things are supposed to happen, but always be ready for God to do something we don’t expect.

  1. Adonijah was presumptuous. (1 Kings 1:5-10)
  2. Bathsheba was preserving self. (1 Kings 1:11-14,16-17,20-21)
  3. God had a plan. (1 Chronicles 28:3,5-6)
  4. David was giving praise. (1 Kings 1:48)
    1. Present fulfillment (2 Samuel 23:5)
    2. Future fulfillment (Acts 2:30-31)
    3. Eternal fulfillment (Psalm 39:5,7)

We praise God on Wednesday for what He has done today, will do in the future, and what He has planned for eternity.  In short, when our candidate is Jesus, we will never lose and always have reason to rejoice.