One Conclusion

One Conclusion

  1. Will we have a free will in Heaven?
  2. Does Revelation 21:1 mean there will be no rain in Heaven (Sea is gone)?
  3. Who are the Kings of Earth in Revelation 21:24?
  4. If God knew who we were before we were made does that mean He knew Adam and Eve would sin?
  5. Can I have clarification on the beasts in chapter 13 and the mark of the beast?
  6. Are we close to the end due to the fact that most of the world has been reached for Christ?
  7. Will we know each other in Heaven?
  8. Where is the Holy Spirit in Revelation?
  9. Revelation 21:7, what does it mean to conquer?  Why doesn’t it read saved by faith instead?
  10. Why are the twelve tribes of Israel held in such great regard in heaven when the Israelites rejected God so often and the twelve brothers themselves performed poorly?
  11. If Christ sent us a letter, what do you think he would say to KCC?  What would he praise us for? What would he have against us?