Good Enough

Good Enough

Sermon Scripture: Acts 26

Sermon Big Idea:  Paul’s enemies and judges settled for good enough for the sake of unsettled peace.  Paul tried to express his similarities and the light that exposed the continued path.

Acts 26:4-8

  1. Paul expressed his same beliefs as his accusers.

Acts 26:9-11

  1. Paul expressed his same disbelief in Jesus as his accusers.

Acts 26:12-18

  1. Paul expressed his moment of clarity he was trying to share with his accusers.

Acts 26:19-31

  1. Paul expressed how the law and prophets have been fulfilled and his desire for even his accusers to hear it.

Acts 26:32

  1. Agrippa expressed the truth of being a Christian.  We are servants of Christ and His will, not our accusers.

We must choose whether we believe and receive or reject and deflect.