Andrew, Simon Peter’s Brother

Andrew, Simon Peter’s Brother

The Forerunner of Christ – John the Baptist

  1. Strange clothes
  2. Strange diet
  3. Strange method
  4. Strange Message

John 1:35-46

Matthew 4:18-20

Occupation – Fishermen
1 Corinthians 1:26-27

Invitation – “Come, follow me”
Luke 9:57-62

Transformation – “I will make you fishers of men”

Summation – Immediately dropped nets and followed

  1. Andrews actions had a domino effect
    1. Peter, his brother
    2. Peter became a follower
    3. Peter preached on Day of Pentecost & 3000 people baptized
    4. The church in Jerusalem was scattered due to persecution and the word spread (Acts 8:1; 11:19)
    5. The Gospel was heard everywhere in the known world (Colossians 1:23)
  2. God uses common, ordinary, regular people – Very little is written about Andrew in the Bible
    1. Brought the little boy with fish and loaves
    2. Not impetuous like Peter even though in the inner circle
    3. Not a “son of thunder” James & John

“The God of the Bible wants to take common, ordinary people like you and me, with our common, ordinary things and do uncommon, extraordinary things in His power and for His glory.”