Sermons on Salvation

Sermons on Salvation

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One Thing Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ in November 2023

It Didn’t Die 30 Years Ago

Sermon Series:  One ThingSermon Title:  It didn’t die 30 years agoSermon Scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10Sermon Big Idea: Salvation is not of our own doing.  It is by the grace of a holy God! 2:1-3 2:4-7 2:8-9 2:10 Luke 15:32 Grace is a gift to receive not a prize to achieve.
Outside In Sermon Series from the Kalkaska Church of Christ

If Jesus is Lord…

Sermon Series:  Outside InSermon Title:  If Jesus is our Lord, why ask for someone else’s opinionSermon Scripture: Acts 2Speaker: Jeff Badgero Mark 12:29-31John 20:31John 8:31-32Acts 22 Corinthians 7:10Acts 8:26-39Acts 9:1-8Acts 22:6-16 OMgEmphasis on small g – ‘Cause my God created the heavens and earthHe’s not a jokeHe’s not meant to be eye candyHe has no participation with our lust! So could we just repent of using His name in vain and stop doing it.
Eagle Eye Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

To Be Sure!

Does a Christian have the assurance of salvation? John 10:1-6 John 10:7-9 John 10:10-16 John 10:17-18 John 10:22-30 But can you lose that security? John 15:1-2 – by being pruned. Hebrews 3:12 – by choosing to leave. How do we abide? John 15:7,9,10 – In His words, His love, His commands John 10:1-30
Life Hacks from James

Saving Faith

Saving faith is… An attentive faith (1:19-21) An actionable faith (1:22-25) An unstained faith (1:26-27) A living faith (2:14-26) True faith is putting our life where our mouth is.
This is our Story

This is our Story

three stories of God working in us Alex & Katheryn Hockin – Newlyweds share how God brought them togetherScott & Nick – Hear how God uses young people to change lives.Kari & Christine – New Christians allowing God to serve the children with joy through them.
Galatians - Sermon Series at KCC

The Shield

5 Questions to know whether you are being a “foolish” Galatian: Have you heard and understood the Gospel? Do you believe the Holy Spirit is in you by way of faith or the law? Do you acknowledge that your journey to be like Jesus is a Spirit led thing, or a man led thing? Does God answer your prayers because of your faith or your works? Are you a son of Abraham? The law convicts.  A shield defends.

The Sermon You Don’t Want to Miss

Acts 9:1-19 Paul… Was an enemy of God but didn’t know it (v. 1-2) Had an eye opening experience with Jesus (v. 3-9) Had to overcome the doubts of others (v. 10-17) Experienced death as He united with Jesus (v. 18-19) We… Had/have a broken relationship with God (Romans 3:23) Have God’s Word as our light (Psalm 119:105) Have to overcome doubts (1 Corinthians 10:13) Are invited to experience death and unite with Jesus (Romans 6:3-4) Grace is giving us How COVID has affected us


1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11 Be enCOURAGEd by the greatest rescue plan ever. Be enCOURAGEd for those who have died knowing Jesus. Be enCOURAGEd that your belief in Jesus as Savior gives you hope for his return. Be enCOURAGEd that those who are children of light won’t be caught unprepared. Be enCOURAGEd that the invitation to be a child of the light is still available. Have COURAGE and take action in your reaction to the Gospel!  

Jet’s Story

Three testimonies from 2017 of how God worked in people’s lives. Mary Ellen – God’s Comfort through loss of a loved one Buck Miller – Learning you can’t outgive God! Jet Bittenbender – His road to accepting Christ as Lord and Savior

Siri! Directions home!

Luke 15:3-7 The lost sheep is a lesson in our value to God. Luke 15:8-10 The lost coin is a lesson in the importance of God’s reputation. Luke 15:11-32 The lost son is a lesson in God’s love and man’s heart. All three stories are filled with hope and reflect God’s desire to be with us for eternity. And that’s why “sinners” are drawn to Jesus!
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