Sermons on Faithfulness

Sermons on Faithfulness

Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

What Matters Most

John 21:1-12 I. Be faithful in spite of the past John 21:15-17 II. Be Faithful in Spite of the Present John 21:18-19 III. Be Faithful in Light of the Future Ephesians 5:18
Unleashed Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

What are You Faithful to?

Sermon Scripture: Acts 23:12-35 Sermon Big Idea:  Be faithful until death for the right things. 2 Samuel 23:34b 2 Samuel 11:3 2 Samuel 17:23 Acts 23:12-15 The unbelieving Jews were faithful to the removal of Paul and the gospel. Acts 23:16-30 The Tribune was faithful to his own survival. Acts 23:31-35 The Governor was faithful to justice. Let’s be found faithful to the message of the Messiah., not the message of me.
Unleashed Sermon Series at Kalkaska Church of Christ

A Farewell Tour

Sermon Scripture: Acts 20 Sermon Big Idea:  Finishing the race is important.  Paul chose to finish his by preaching the Gospel and encouraging believers.  How will we finish ours? Acts 20:1-6 It was important to Paul to have his farewell tour be encouraging. Acts 20:7-16 Paul’s farewell tour mimicked Jesus’ farewell tour. Acts 20:17-38 Paul’s farewell tour is a testimony to God’s grace. Our farewell tour starts today.  Will our farewell tour point to Jesus or to self?
A Royal Rescue

A Royal Reversal – Pt. 1

Sermon Scripture:  Esther 8-10 The Big Idea: When we stand strong, God will deliver on his promises.  When we turn our heart away from him we end up in exile. Esther gets a reversal of fortune from the king. God reminds people of their upcoming reversal of home. Israel gets a reversal from victims to victors. The Persians and Medes feared the reversal of position. When we stand strong in Christ, no reversal is necessary.
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Psalm 46 God is still our proven help. (v. 1-3) God still sits on His throne. (v. 4-7) Be still and know that He is GOD! (v. 8-11) The world around you may feel like it is crumbling apart, but take hope in the proven power of our almighty God.