Door or Window?

Door or Window?

Sermon Scripture: Acts 11:1-18

Sermon Big Idea:  When God moves we can either be an open door for people to hear the Gospel, or a window in which people can see but never be invited in.

Acts 11:1-3

  1. Peter was criticized for being a door to the gentiles to hear the Gospel.

Acts 11:4-14

  1. Peter was a window for the Judaizers to see the bigger picture of God’s plan.

Acts 11:15-17

  1. Peter dropped the mic by closing the door on favoritism.

Acts 11:18

  1. The Jews opened the doors of their heart and affirmed the open door to the Gentiles.

John 10:9

Jesus is the door through which we have salvation.  Let’s keep the door open and stay out of God’s way.