Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring

Marriage mentoring will be a program in which married couples or engaged couples may request a couple from our team to walk alongside them in three different levels of mentoring.

Mentoring is offered at three tiers. Walking Tier one is a three-session commitment, Sprinting tier two is a six to eight session commitment, and Marathon tier three is a twelve session commitment. 

Mentors are not trained counselors, but simply Christian couples with a heart to help other couples grow in their faith. Our goal is to make Christian couples available to other couples who need accountability, a listening ear, or training in a specific area.

Walking Tier (1) A 3-session commitment with a mentor couple. The first session will be asking questions and hearing from the mentoring couple about the past. The second session will focus on discussion about the present. And, you guessed it, the third session will focus on the future. This tier will help you get your feet wet with mentoring and get comfortable with the process.
Sprinting Tier (2) – A 6 to 8-session commitment focused on a specific area you and your spouse need mentored in. For example, if you are struggling with finances and budgeting, we would pair you with a couple who has expertise in that area. Other areas of focus may be: blended families, infidelity, conflict resolution, communication, child-rearing, and praying together.
Marathon Tier (3) – A 12-session commitment in which a mentoring couple will lead you through a Bible study focused on marriage and marriage issues. This tier may be one in which multiple couples are involved.