Sermons from January 2019

Sermons from January 2019

Who Are You?

Addiction starts as an escape from reality. Escape becomes addiction when gratification becomes desire. Desire is something we prioritize and are willing to sacrifice for. In other words, we want to be god. Breaking addiction starts with… solidifying whose we are. seeking His will for His creation. staying “poor in spirit” with a mourning heart. Who are you?  I am a prince/princess, because I am a child of the one true King!

A New Ewe

Moses… was so self-absorbed he couldn’t see what he had just witnessed. was afraid of being dismissed. doubted God’s power where he was weak. was fine with the change, as long as someone else did it. Change… is vanity if not done in covenant with God. brought about by God’s mighty hand is tough change. The best change was transformational change that took place on the cross. comes from God.  The one who never changes! Be all in with God,…

This is our Story

Hear the story of 4 unique individuals and how God is working in their lives. Darcy Shetler shares how she was able to complete reading through her Bible in 2018 while juggling a home business, work outside the home, a husband, and 3 children Larry Stern and Mike Peacock talk with Andy about being part of a KCC Life group and the impact it has had on their spiritual lives. Misty Groleau shares a death defying testimony of how God…