Sermons from March 2018

Sermons from March 2018

Dead Man Walking

Sermon Big Idea:  How will we celebrate the coming of Jesus into our life? John 11:1-44 John 12:1-8 John 12:12-19 3 Things that should be on our mind daily Our movement from death to life. We have more to offer Jesus everyday. His meaningful sacrifice warrants our praise. How will we be the work of Jesus for people to see?

A Hair Brained Idea that will Bowl you Over

Judges 13-16 4 ways that we can praise God as His royal priesthood: Hear your life’s calling. Attend to God’s desires not your own. Identify the world’s temptations and resist them. Return to where your strength comes from. The breakdown in life comes when we deny our calling and use what God created to bring praise to ourselves as opposed to Him.


Judges 6-8 Big Idea:  Man’s Force is no match for the G Force of God. G Force caused Gideon anxiety about leading. G Force caused the Israelites to rethink who they follow. G Force caused 300 to destroy thousands. The G-Force of God’s faithfulness will distort our thinking and leave us amazed.